Starting The Search Process

Knowing what you need

When starting a new executive search, it is valuable to know exactly what you are searching for and how you would like to conduct the search. The following questions and information will enable us to help you find the best candidate for your company:

  1. A complete job description, objectives, expectations, and goals for this open position.
  2. A job specification, and job requirements of this position.
  3. The time frame when you would like this position to be filled.
  4. Compensation package e.g., base salary, bonuses, medical benefits, 401K, profit sharing, equity, expenses, etc.
  5. What steps have been taken to try to fill this position? Who have you interviewed, and when?
  6. How long has this position been open, and why? Why could it not be filled from in-house?
  7. Does your company have a hiring strategy?
  8. How does the interview process work in your company? Who will interview the candidates? Who will make the final hiring decision?
  9. We will need the following information about your company e.g., history, current financials, TO&C chart (table of organization & content) of your company, backgrounds of the people who the candidate will work with and report to.
  10. Who are your competitors? Please list the companies, their locations, and any person that is known to your company, who is a talent in the position you wish to fill.
  11. Are there any companies that you would prefer to exclude from our search?