Our Services


We have found that a top candidate may look good on paper, but if the chemistry and fit isn’t there, the recruit is doomed to fail.

K&Co. has implemented the following formulas to find the right fit:

  • “25% – 70% – 5% Formula”™
  • “Needs Analysis”™ and personality testing

These services give us a better understanding of how a candidates’ temperament, personality and chemistry will fit and blend with our client’s culture and chemistry.

One of the biggest distinctions between a firm of our experience and other retained search firms is our total hands-on approach to the complete search process from understanding our client’s needs, to identifying and recruiting potential candidates, doing due diligence, interviewing, analyzing of all the data to the final placement of the successful candidate.

Our founder, Stephen Karel, will personally oversee all aspects of the search, including but not limited to:

  • Talking with and listening to the principal people involved in the search to comprehend the job specifications and dynamics of your company.
  • Pre-screening all of the individuals who will be involved in interviewing a potential candidate using our “Needs Analysis”™ process.
  • Presenting our findings to the principals of your company and the individuals who are pertinent to the search. This procedure will take into account our “25% – 70% – 5% Formula”™.
  • Administering a personality/chemistry sorter that enables us to make a good match between our client and our potential candidates.

Not only will this process help you to eliminate possible internal conflicts that could affect the outcome of the search, but will greatly increase the likelihood that the candidate to whom you extend an offer will stay with your company for a reasonable amount of time. It will also increase the probability of that candidate being successful. In addition we will, for an additional cost, be present at “face to face” interviews to assist you in the evaluation of a candidate and to administer the processes listed above.

With these vital reports and this information in hand, we will be better equipped to accomplish a successful search. Our one-person methodology has allowed us to compete and prevail against other search firms as they tend to departmentalize each one of the above processes: i.e., the account executive will sell the search to the client, an associate will start the recruiting aspect, and typically a third person will do the due diligence (background checking). Finally, the account executive will gather up all the information and report to you, their client. This is a crucial difference between K&Co. and some of our competitors. You can call at any time, and Mr. Karel will be able inform you of every aspect of the search to date.